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Why you can't do Crossfit

"I could never do CrossFit." "I can't do a pull-up." "What the heck is a snatch?!" "You want me to do WHAT with my body?!"

If you've never done CrossFit, chances are these words have come out of your mouth at least once when talking about CrossFit. The truth is, there's only 1 reason you can't do CrossFit; because you haven't tried. CrossFit is universally scalable, for all ages, shapes and sizes. You can even do CrossFit for free, simply by going to and viewing the daily workout that CrossFit HQ posts (i.e. the WOD). However, there is something really incredible that happens when you commit to joining a CrossFit box (gym, community, etc.). You are immediately surrounded by a group of people that are willing to suffer with you, and when you're all done suffering, you can reminisce about how great it was and what you accomplished that maybe you didn't think you could. You're also surrounded by people of all abilities and you quickly come to the realization that we all have our weaknesses, but we also have strengths. Where you may struggle, you will find inspiration and motivation from someone else who was once where you are. Where you excel, you can offer support to someone who is now where you once were. There are plenty of individuals inside thousands of CrossFits that cannot do a pull-up, and never want to. There are also people who never want to have a body weight snatch, and that's ok too. We join communities that we feel supported in, to show up to designated classes at specific times, led by dedicated coaches, in the name of being supported while supporting others, and being our best selves while helping others to do the same. If you have a pulse, you can do CrossFit. If you have a desire to commit to a lifelong journey of being committed to the process of showing up and doing the best you can, CrossFit is just what you've been looking for. The only reason you can't do CrossFit, is because you haven't started.

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