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Head Coach

Through a passion for movement and enabling others to use fitness as a means to pursue excellence by realizing their potential, Kayla loves helping others to grow past their comfort zones and accomplish things they never thought possible.


Kayla believes CrossFit offers an opportunity to continuously seek out ways to be better; this is the reason she opened CrossFit For The People, a space for people to show up, work hard, and be their best self. 

When she isn't at CFTP, you can find Kayla teaching yoga at The Hot Yoga Spot, walking her two dogs Segway and Scooter, spending time with her husband, friends and family and constantly looking for new ways to experience life from all angles. 

Kayla holds training in:

CrossFit Level 3 Certified Trainer  

Burgener Strength L1 Certification

USAW Level 1 Certification

Power Monkey Training Camp

200hr Registered Yoga Teacher




Joe has been coaching CrossFit for 4 years, before that coaching strength and conditioning programming for 3 years. He loves practicing olympic lifts and high skill gymnastics, but thoroughly enjoys any workout that makes you question whether you want to quit or finish. Joe's passion for coaching stems from a love for helping people to improve their overall lifestyle through fitness. He enjoys connecting with people and sharing what he's learned about fitness and movement.

While Joe is relatively new to the capital region, he was a perfect fit for the CFTP team because of his focus and emphasis on establishing a strong sense of community in each of his classes. His goal is to help every member to move often, move better, while finding at home at CFTP where they feel encouraged and challenged to improve themselves.




Bri started CrossFit in 2018, admittedly having done several hero WODS (before she knew what that meant). To this day, “Murph” remains one of her favorite WODS!


Bri participated at a Division I level in college and upon graduating, continued fueling her competitive nature through road racing. A few years (and injuries) later she was craving not only competition, but the camaraderie of a team as well. Fortunately, she found CrossFit…..and the rest is history. 


After taking one of Bri’s classes, her hope is that every athlete walks away with a renewed sense of confidence and belief in themselves and what they’re capable of. She believes that the strength and bonds created inside the walls of CFTP, elevate our individual lives and connections with our family, friends and coworkers.


In her former athletic life, she was a D1 Cross Country & track athlete, a former Triathlete, and an OCR Competitor.


Bri holds her:

CFL1 Certification & CFL2 Certification

Adaptive & Inclusive Trainer Certification 

Burgener Strength L1 Certification

Gymnastic Course Certification




Kelsey began her CrossFit journey in January of 2016 at a small gym in Vermont. She immediately fell in love with how challenging each workout was as well as the ability to become a healthier and more knowledgeable
person and athlete. Kelsey decided to get her CrossFit Level 1 trainer certificate in January of 2019 and very
soon after pursued her CrossFit Kids Certification. She enjoys coaching people of all ages, making fitness fun,
building relationships within the CrossFit For The People community, and helping people to reach their goals both in and out of the gym. Kelsey enjoys competing in local competitions with her friends, and lifting heavy reguarly. She is currently in school full-time studying for a second degree in Physical Education in hopes of teaching future generations about the importance of health and fitness.

Kelsey's goal is to guide kids, teens and adults to find an activity they can enjoy throughout their lifetime.




Joel began his CrossFit journey in August of 2018, when Crossfit for the People opened its big, beautiful doors. CrossFit has completely changed his perspective of health and fitness, and he loves that every day brings something new! For Joel, it brings alive passion, excitement, and worth-while goals. He feels connected to something bigger than himself, and a part of a really special community dedicated to bettering themselves and others. 

Joel's passion for coaching comes from his passion for enriching the lives of others. It’s about sharing something transformative. CrossFit has provided him with a unique platform to share something powerful enough to significantly alter the course and quality of someone’s life for the better. 

In coaching, he loves those “Ah ha!” moments, when something clicks for someone and it makes all the hard work worth while! The bright eyes and big smiles that come after the blood (hopefully not that often), sweat and tears, make his day. :) Joel wants every athlete to feel connected to and cared about after taking a class with him... Every. Single. Time. 


Outside of the gym, Joel loves spending quality time with his family and friends. His son, Evan, is the light of his whole world. After that, he's a carpenter/contractor and enjoys creating beautiful spaces for people. He loves listening to and playing great music and when possible, he loves traveling to see the world!




Jen started CrossFit in 2014 as an off-season training routine while attending Siena College, where she played Rugby. The team-like atmosphere, ongoing physical challenge, and impact on overall health is what caused her to fall in love with CrossFit and continue coming back to the gym after hanging up her cleats. Her favorite types of workouts are “short” burners and heavy lifts, that truly test physical capacity for speed and strength. 


Jen is intensely passionate about helping others improve their health in order to optimize their happiness and longevity. In addition to her CrossFit Level 2, she has her Health Coaching Certificate from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Her goal for each class is to provide a positive, fun space for her athletes to improve their physical capabilities and mental well-being in order to enhance their overall lives.

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